Frequently Asked Questions.

Below is a list of questions that we are asked regularly by prospective puppy owners.  Just click on any of the questions to see the answer.

What is the price of a puppy?

The price for each of our puppies is $3,600, including tax. This includes the comprehensive list of things we send home with each puppy, see the question below regarding what that all includes.

We require a $200 deposit to hold the puppy you choose until he/she is at least 8 weeks old and ready to go home. The balance  is due when you pick up the puppy.

What age can my puppy come home?

The minimum age we let our puppies go home is 8 weeks old. We offer the option to keep your puppy till 11 weeks old and do a professional Puppy Imprint course with him/her!  Ask us for more details about that.  

Is my puppy potty trained?

We do our best and start working at it but we don’t have enough time to get done by the time they are 8 weeks old. If you take the puppy outside once an hour or so to start (especially after feeding time) he/she will catch on fast. See the question below regarding our 11 Week Puppy Imprint Program.

Can I meet my puppy’s parents?

Yes, absolutely!  They are our pets and love to meet and play with new people.

What all comes with my puppy?

Your puppy will come to you with:

  • Extensive puppy development programs including:
  • 2-year health guarantee, including agreement to spay or neuter dog within one year
  • Vet check, 1’st vaccines, dewormed
  • Certificate of registration with the Canadian Kennel Club. (this will come in a few months)
  • Exercise Guidelines Booklet by Jane Messineo Lindquist / Puppy Culture
  • Microchipped and microchip registered in your name
  • Support and advice anytime
  • Weekly pupdates with pictures and info from the time you reserve until the puppy goes home to you
  • Puppy starter pack sent home with the puppy includes:
Will my puppy whimper at first?

Moving away from us and their littermates can confuse them for a bit so they might whimper a wee bit but it’s usually not too bad at all. We do our best to socialize them properly so they are much more likely to take new things in stride.

When should I spay or neuter my dog?

We recommend you work with your vet on the exact timing. As per our agreement it must be done by the time the puppy is one year old. You don’t want to do it too early but waiting too long has cons too, we think 8-10 months is a safe age.

Can I take my puppy out in public right away?

It’s good to protect your new puppy from places like dog parks etc until he/she is fully immunized. The puppy will come to you with only the first set of shots done. Your vet can give further advice. Having said that, it’s not good to isolate them too much through this crucial socialization period, so if you have friends with dogs that are up to date on shots or other pets it’s a great idea to let your puppy spend time with them.  

What method of payment do you take?

Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer, but we also accept cash and PayPal. Please add 3% surcharge if paying via PayPal. 

How often do your adult females have litters?

Great question, we like when people are concerned they are getting their puppy from an ethical breeder.  First off, we are a family of 5 (3young children) plus we have 2 wonderful employees that help us.  Therefore we are able to give wonderful care to enough adults to have regular litters without breeding each one too often. 

First off, we wait until a female is grown up and matured enough to reproduce. For Corgis this is around 2 years of age.

Secondly, we do not breed on the heat after a litter. We always give each female a nice long break to fully recover, we work with our vet and wait until they are in perfect health before breeding.

Third, we have a lot of interest in our retired adults so we have them spayed and find them amazing homes before they are very old. 

Do you offer Puppy Imprint Training?

We’re excited to offer the option of keeping your puppy till 11 weeks old and continuing the Puppy Culture course as well as doing more comprehensive Puppy Imprint Training!   This would still allow the puppy to get into your home before 12 weeks, as the first 12 weeks are the “impressionable” weeks where they are socialized and accept new situations very readily.  After 12 weeks they become more set in their ways, and it takes them longer to adjust to new situations.  

Below are the things we would work at:

The additional cost for this optional program is $1,500 + tax. We only use positive re-enforcement training. We don’t guarantee everything will be completed after the puppy is 11 weeks and goes home to you, but this will go a long way toward setting your puppy up for success and should make things much easier for you! 

We understand this isn’t for everyone, many of our clients are capable trainers with the time to invest. This is just something we offer to those interested. 

How often are you currently feeding my puppy?

Twice a day, morning and evening but their stomachs are small so they nibble at their food almost all day.  Feel free to adjust the feeding schedule to fit in with your lifestyle.  Some people find 3 feedings a day for the first while helps with potty training.

Can I come visit you?

Yes, absolutely! We love when people come see us and our dogs. We prefer that you visit us on a Saturday but if that doesn’t work for you we can accommodate another day.  We do require that you make an appointment to make sure we are available.

What about crate/kennels?

See this link for a great article on this…

What should I bring along to pick up the puppy?

A good starting list to bring along is: a leash, harness, and a crate with pad.  Some people choose to hold the puppy instead of using a crate, up to you!  We give the puppy a bath and they run around before going home so they are often tired out and sleep nicely soon after getting on the road.  It’s a good idea to stop for a short break with the puppy every hour or so.  

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we currently do. This wait time varies, feel free to contact us for an up-to-date estimate.

The process has 4 steps

  1. Fill out our puppy application and agree to our contract and health guarantee terms.
  2. We will contact you and maybe have some further questions.
  3. If we approve you for a home for one of our next puppies you can place a $200 deposit to be placed on the waiting list.
  4. When we have puppies available and it’s your turn to pick we will let you know! If you aren’t ready for a puppy yet, or your perfect puppy isn’t one of the available ones at that point you are welcome to wait for our next litter. We want everyone perfectly happy with their puppy!
  5. Please note, we reserve the right to keep any puppy for showing and/or breeding.

What is DM?
Degenerative Myelopathy is a disease of the spinal cord that slowly causes loss of movement of the dog’s limbs. It usually starts with the hind legs and progresses up the spinal cord toward the front. It does not cause pain but severely limits their mobility. There is a genetic test available to check for the mutated gene that causes it.

There are 3 options as to a dogs DM status.

A – Clear, neither of the parents passed on the DM gene.

B – Carrier, received the gene from only one of the parents. Will not develop DM itself but could pass on the one gene if bred.

C – At Risk, received the gene from both of the parents. Has approx. 30% chance of being affected by DM later in life.

We are very concerned none of our dogs or puppies ever get DM or vWD1 , (see FAQ on vWD1 for more info) include this is why we do diligent health testing on all our dogs and only breed Clear to Clear, or Clear to Carrier.

What is vWD1?

Von Willebrand’s Disease is a blood clotting disorder due to the lack of Von Willebrand protein, which helps clot the blood to stop any bleeding. As with DM, (See FAQ on DM for more information) a dog requires the defective gene from both of the parents to be At Risk of vWD1. We only breed vWD1 Clear to Clear, or Clear to Carrier.

What is EIC?

 Exercise-induced collapse Is a genetic disorder that causes dogs of certain breeds to collapse after a period of intense exercise. The breeds affected are primarily sporting dogs. Wikipedia

There are 3 options as to a dogs EIC status.

A – Clear, neither of the parents passed on the EIC gene.

B – Carrier, received the gene from only one of the parents. Will not develop EIC itself but could pass on the one gene if bred.

C – At Risk, received the gene from both of the parents. Has a small chance of being affected by EIC later in life.

 As with DM, (See FAQ on DM for more information) a dog requires the defective gene from both of the parents to be At Risk of EIC. We only breed EIC Clear to Clear, or Clear to Carrier.

What other health tests do you do?

We are currently working at getting our adult’s hips, knees, eyes, and hearts OFA certified.  Due to COVID-19 the labs had been shut down so this is taking longer than anticipated but we are working at it again now.

I don't live near you, will you fly a puppy to me?

We love meeting the new owners of our puppies but we realize it’s not always possible or practical for you to pick up in person. If we are confident the puppy will be going to a great home we will fly it to you using WestJet pet program. This has always worked very well. The total cost to deliver to any major airport in Canada is $450. This price includes the plane ticket, a crate and crate pad, a health certificate to fly from our vet, and partial compensation for us to drive to the airport. We are very concerned the puppy has a comfortable trip, we get them used to being in kennels before the trip so it is familiar and they can relax and enjoy the flight.  

Do you deliver?

We love having people out to our place but we are also happy to meet you. We can meet you anywhere in the GTA area for $250. 

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