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Pembroke welsh corgis

According to the Canadian Kennel Club the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is

“one of the most agreeable and charming of small housepets. Intelligent and affectionate in nature, the Pem is alert and vigilant but kindly.”

The corgis gained notoriety because of their association with the British royal family, who has kept Corgis as pets since 1933.  Corgis make excellent family pets, but are considered an active breed, requiring a moderate amount of outdoor exercise time.

Corgis come in four main colours: Red and white, Sable, Fawn and white, and Tri-colour (black, tan, and white). Fawn is essentially a light red. Sable is basically a red and white with black hairs mixed in.


Red and White
Black, Tan & White
Fawn and White

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