How Smart Are Corgis

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In the ever-eclectic world of canine breeds, a unique, endearing breed stands out – Corgis. They might be smaller in stature, but don’t let those diminutive legs fool you. These little creatures are brimming with intelligence.

A History Speckled with Intelligence

Historically, you’ll find that Corgis have been up to some impressive antics, revealing their smarts right from their Welsh origins. Back in the day, they served as herding dogs – and darn good ones at that.

Picture it. A Corgi, its sturdy little body darting back and forth, nipping at the heels of cattle, and, through sheer determination and tactical know-how, controlling beasts many times their size. That’s no job for a dunderhead, I’ll tell you!

Corgi Intelligence: A Multi-Faceted Gem

But when we ask, “How smart are Corgis?”, what do we mean by “smart”? Well, there’s more than one way to bark up that tree, friends. Corgi intelligence reveals itself in several forms.

Obedience and Working Intelligence

Firstly, we have what dog professionals refer to as obedience and working intelligence. In simple terms, it’s a measure of how swiftly a pooch can pick up new commands and their capacity to follow said commands on the first go.

Now, you might think, given their past as hardworking herders, Corgis would be valedictorians in this area. Truth be told, though, they rank around the middle compared to other breeds – about 37th out of 138 breeds according to renowned psychologist Stanley Coren’s rankings. Not exactly head of the class, but not flunking out either.

Instinctive Intelligence

Next up is instinctive intelligence. That’s the kind of intelligence that’s specific to the breed, like a retriever’s urge to… well, retrieve! Or a hound’s persistence on a scent trail. For Corgis, their instinctive intelligence is their inbuilt herding ability, and it’s here where they truly shine.

Adaptive Intelligence

And last, but certainly not least, there’s adaptive intelligence. This is the ability of a dog to solve problems independently, and it’s also where our beloved Corgis excel. This is why you often find stories of Corgis figuring out how to open doors, or somehow getting that treat off the high shelf.

Beyond Intelligence: The Emotional Quotient

However, measuring a dog’s intelligence purely on obedience, instincts, and problem-solving abilities is, I daresay, missing a critical piece of the puzzle. What about their emotional intelligence?

In my book, this is where Corgis knock it out of the dog park. They are keenly attuned to human emotions, often acting as a comforting presence when their humans are feeling down, or joyfully participating in celebrations. This remarkable emotional awareness, coupled with their distinctive charm and sociability, is the true secret sauce of the Corgi appeal.

The Corgi Conundrum: Smarts with a Side of Stubbornness

Before you rush off to adopt a Corgi, expecting a cross between Einstein and Lassie, let me offer a small caveat. Corgis are, for all their smarts, a little on the stubborn side. This means that while they certainly have the capacity to learn, they sometimes choose not to. Instead, they might decide that the squirrel in the backyard is far more worthy of their attention. It’s part of their charm – and occasionally, their frustration! Remember, not all corgis are born equal. some have recent history of working lines in their pedigree while others have generations of breeding that has focused more on personalities that aren’t as work minded as dog specifically bred with the drive to be excellent herders.

In answering the question, “How smart are Corgis?”, we’ve delved into the history of this charismatic breed, dissected different facets of canine intelligence, and taken a glance at their emotional acumen.

Yes, Corgis may not be the academic overachievers in the dog world, ranking modestly in obedience and working intelligence, but they shine brightly in instinctive and adaptive intelligence. They are natural problem-solvers with an innate sense of duty from their herding days.

And let’s not forget their emotional intelligence. The little furballs are adept at picking up on our moods and emotions, standing by us through life’s highs and lows. They are our confidants and companions, small dogs with big hearts and even bigger brains.

But remember, intelligence doesn’t always mean compliance. Our clever Corgis can be a touch stubborn, their minds often wandering to the squirrel scurrying up a tree or the mysterious rustle in the underbrush. Yet, it’s this winning combination of brains, heart, and a dash of stubbornness that gives Corgis their endearing charm.

In the end, we don’t love our Corgis because they’re smart. We love them because they’re uniquely them, brimming with personality, and always ready for the next adventure – intellectual or otherwise. And isn’t that the best kind of smart there is?


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