Canadian Kennel Club vs Continental Kennel Club

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Dog enthusiasts unite! If you’ve ever looked into pedigree dogs, breed standards, or even dog shows, there’s no doubt you’ve stumbled upon acronyms such as ‘CKC.’ But hold your horses – or should we say, hold your hounds? That CKC could mean the Canadian Kennel Club or the Continental Kennel Club, two distinctly different organizations.

The Canadian Kennel Club: Oh, Canada!

Established in 1888, the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is Canada’s primary registry for purebred dogs. A non-profit organization, CKC promotes responsible dog ownership and breeding practices.

Upholding Breed Standards

The CKC recognizes nearly 200 breeds and sets out specific standards for each. These standards are the ‘blueprints’ for how each breed should look, behave, and perform. If you’ve ever seen a golden retriever in Canada that seemed like a golden retriever straight out of a textbook, you probably have the CKC to thank.

Promoting Canine Welfare and Knowledge

The CKC is more than just a registry; it’s a hub for canine education and welfare. From health resources to legislative action protecting dogs, the CKC strives to create a better world for our furry pals. The club hosts and sponsors various events, including dog shows, obedience trials, and performance events, giving dogs and their humans plenty of opportunities to strut their stuff.

The Continental Kennel Club: Beyond Borders

Let’s head south for a moment. Despite what the name might suggest, the Continental Kennel Club (CKC) is not European but based in the United States. Founded in 1991, this CKC is much younger than its Canadian counterpart.

Recognizing the Under-Recognized

One distinguishing aspect of the Continental Kennel Club is its willingness to recognize a vast array of breeds, including many that other major kennel clubs do not. This inclusivity extends to breeds in development and rare breeds, offering breeders and owners an avenue for recognition and resources that they might not have elsewhere.

More Than Just Purebreds

The Continental Kennel Club also differs from the Canadian Kennel Club by offering services not only for purebred dogs but for mixed breeds and ‘purpose-bred’ dogs as well. A ‘purpose-bred’ dog, in case you’re scratching your head, is a dog bred for specific characteristics to perform certain tasks, regardless of breed purity.

CKC vs. CKC: The Bottom Line

While the two CKCs share a love for dogs and a dedication to promoting canine health, happiness, and standardization, their philosophies and services vary. The Canadian Kennel Club has a long-standing tradition of advocating for purebred dogs within Canada, upholding breed standards, and serving as a comprehensive resource for Canadian dog owners.  With both organizations sharing the same initials, confusing the two would be very easy.  Some less-than-reputable breeders may count on that confusion, stating that their dogs are CKC registered, when they are unable to register with the Canadian Kennel Club.  The moral of the story is that you should be sure with which organization your puppy has been registered, in order to avoid any surprises down the road.


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